Who Took the Cookie: Song board



Are you doing an animal (pets, wild, farm) or food theme, or working on following directions, answering WH questions or even parts & features? This is the song for you! Prep once, then use again and again!

Use as part of your homeschool curriculum, in general education or special education classrooms, daycares & preschools, therapy centers or clinics…

Easily differentiated for a variety of levels and one to one, small group or whole group learning!

4 versions

  • Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?
  • Who took the Pizza from the Pizza Box?
  • Who Took the Pancake from the Pancake Pan?
  • Who took the Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Cone?

Resource includes activity plan. The Plan provides directions for use along with songs as well as additional expansion activities to target a range of additional skills.


Student song boards:


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