Who Me? Yes, We! Group Social Language Game



A spin on the classic, “Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?” chant, to target 10+ social language, interaction, group learning, cooperation & teamwork skills. Additional embedded “functional” language expansion opportunities such as feature, function & classification. 

  • Maintaining attention in a group
  • Impulse Control
  • Responding to Name
  • Using peers’ names
  • Responding yes,/no
  • Shifting attention
  • Use of pronouns me/you
  • Action / Gesture / Sign Imitation & Use
  • Tolerating not getting a turn

Packet includes 43 different seasonally aligned/themed versions to allow play multiple times per week if desired.

Additional expansion skills include sign language (ASL) for repetitive songs in the chant

Each game includes chant and accompanying visuals. Total download 55 pages. Full year!

Play in small group or with the whole class! Fun for pre-k through 2nd grade

Print, Play & Learn!


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