“The Greedy Wolf” Play & Social Skills Activity Lesson (Preschool/K)




This activity packet is from our complete “family play date” program (entire program includes 25 lessons & activities) which is available to professionals as well as homeschooling parents.

The program focuses on:

  • Functional & pretend play skills
  • Motor & Vocal Imitation
  • Expanding social play
  • Increasing social language

…. and so much more!

This activity packet includes

  • 30 minute story lesson / activity model video
  • Story props for “Instructor” (teacher) and “Players” (student)
  • House template printouts for players
  • Skill target list  (15 embedded target skills!)
  • Data sheets
  • Comprehension Worksheets (differentiated w/ pictures & without)
  • 3 Social Skills Rules & Role plays (joining in, asking to share, responding to share request)
  • 2 Expansion Games: “Bingo” and “Memory Match”


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