Sportsmanship (Tolerating Losing) Bundle

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Have a child or working with a client who has a challenging time accepting losses at a game?

Crying, yelling, swiping game materials or quitting?

Losing is hard! For some of our kids, accepting winning is just as tough.

Being more successful at game play requires practice in a conceptually systematic way.

This bundle will support you in implementing strategies to decrease challenging behavior associated with competitive game play.

Included in the bundle:

  • Video Tutorial explaining systematic desensitization and game play
  • Multiple digital multiplayer versions of quick win loss games such as coin toss, card flip, rock paper scissors & tic tac toe
  • Games may be played 1:1, in small groups up to 6 or in 2 larger teams.

Also included:

  • MC created 50 slide “Random Rules- Win or Lose” game targeting accepting losing as well as flexibility as the rules change.
  • Specific, measurable, observable target skills
  • Data Collection Forms

1 review for Sportsmanship (Tolerating Losing) Bundle

  1. Benjamin Donson

    I have used a lot of the resources in this bundle and they are top notch for targeting specific behavior challenges in a fun and engaging way. Ashley is the best!

    • missioncognitionshare

      Thank you!

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