Sensory Snapshot



The more we know about our students & clients, the better equipped we are to meet their needs and set up an environment conducive to learning. Autistic individuals often experience sensory information in different ways. Some sensory stimuli is reinforcing while others may be aversive. Understanding how the individual is contacting sensory reinforcement in their environment can help us to create a more comfortable setting and also interact in ways that are not only more positive, but also more effective in increasing interaction and engagement.

This information can prove especially valuable and useful when selecting play activities to facilitate play engagement with early learners who engage in a high rate of potentially competing self stimulatory behaviors. When we know what the stim is, we can potentially incorporate a similar sensory experience into our play interactions.

*It is recommended to collaborate with an occupational therapist as well as any other caregivers or professionals who know the individual well in order to complete the sensory profile as comprehensively and accurately as possible.




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