Self Feedback & Goal Development: Advanced Teens


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“I can give myself feedback about my words & actions. The feedback can be used to come up with goals. The goals help me to  to make improvements and handle things better the next time.”

  • Definition of self feedback
  • Behavior Contingency Map
  • Goal Template
  • Task Analysis / Self Monitoring Data Sheet

We pride ourselves on utilizing only evidence-based practices and providing systematic & explicit social skills instruction. For that reason, all of our social skills lesson plans have been carefully structured to fit a Behavior Skills Training / Teaching Interaction Procedure framework.

It is advised that these lessons be implemented by providers with a strong background in behavior analysis to support the selection of goals, implementation of intervention and collection/analysis of data. Assessment should be done to identify individual behavioral excesses and deficits prior to selecting lessons to target those areas of need.

What these resources are: a compilation of lesson plans, data sheets, visual supports and other resources designed to supplement a larger more comprehensive intervention package targeting a wide range of play and social skills.

What these resources are not: A stand alone curriculum or assessment tool

Thanks for uniting with us to help our children & clients become more #skilledsocially!

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