Scan, Find & Match FALL themed BUNDLE- 12 Activities!




This bundle incudes 12 activities for tons of fun and learning with your preschool and early elementary learners!

These activities allow for variation and differentiation to target a variety of skills including but not limited to scanning, matching, 1:1 correspondence, sequencing, following 1 & multi step directions, pretend play, requesting, commenting and intraverbals…

Need more ideas of how to implement the activities to increase movement opportunities and language? Don’t forget to follow us on FB & IG @ MissionCognition.

Upon checkout, check your order confirmation for the link to the google drive to access the downloads for all 12 activities.

Note that some activities have multiple steps (optional for learners working on increasing duration of attention, following multi step sequence and expanding pretend play schemas)

  • pick apples from tree
  • place apples in basket
  • remove apples from basket to pie
  • put pie in oven

Enjoy! We’d love to see your children playing with these activities! Please feel free to post and share (with permission of course) tagging @missioncognition.

Check back in November 10th for the Winter Themed Bundle and be sure to browse the store for other fall themed activities for preschoolers – older adolescents!




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