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When first teaching a new skill, it’s inevitable that we will need to prompt. We will also need a plan for 1. utilizing the least intrusive most effective prompts and 2. Fading out those prompts.

Teaching conversation skills is already tricky enough, without muddying the waters even more by adding so many unnatural prompts that are likely to completely disrupt the flow of the conversation! We try so hard to avoid what we lovingly refer to as, “The Bermuda Triangle.”

When we have two kids talking with each other in our center, but needing some additional support to keep the back and forth going, we do everything we can to offer that support without becoming the 3rd member of that conversation via verbally prompting. Once verbal prompts are given, there is usually a disruption in the flow and the message can then be misdirected to the wrong conversational partner and you guessed it, we are now lost in the triangle.

We needed to be able to give the kids the support they needed in a non intrusive way. We realized we would need additional stimuli if verbal prompting wasn’t going to be the answer, but what could we use that wouldn’t be awkward or cumbersome to have with us while out and about or engaged in other activities (you know, where conversations are likely to happen)?

Q Prompt Bracelets: 

These bracelets are specifically designed for our more advanced learners who know what questions are, how to ask them and are readers, but either forget to ask them or show limited variation in the types of questions asked in conversation to keep it going.

Facilitators can now tap their own wrist as a very subtle cue for the kids to check their own wrists. That prompt can also be faded as the kids learn to glance down at their wrist on their own to come up with their next question.


These Bracelets are shipped within 5-7 days of your order and come with an information card providing additional recommendations for use.


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