Play: Family Training Packet


Family Training Packet: Play

20 page downloadable packet covering the following:

Early Social Responding Behaviors

Definition of “Pure Play”

Play Levels & Stages

People Play

Identifying barriers to peer play

pairing with peers, flexibility, sharing & turn taking

Verbal operants & strategies to expand language

Suggestions and consideration in prompting and reinforcement related to play skills

Benefits of prioritizing play



This resource packet was created specifically for families of young children with autism and related disabilities who benefit from additional supports to develop play and social skills. The purpose of our family training resources is to disseminate information regarding research and evidence-based practices pertaining to the development of those skills while emphasizing being fun & natural!

Our overarching goal is to support families in expanding their knowledge base in order to target the development of new skills in the home and generalize skills taught to other people, places and things in order to improve their child and families quality of life and level of independence.

We believe that every child has the right to and the ability to learn to play. Developing a play skills repertoire helps to increase opportunities for positive and reciprocal interactions as well as build the foundation for more advanced social, language and even academic skills.


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