Play Action Board Game!


This is an E-download. Immediately upon checkout an email will be automatically generated to you with a link to access and download this resource. You must create your own game board. We utilize large foam presentation boards from Walmart / Staples.

Included in this download:

  • Description of learners who will most benefit from the game
  • Directions for set up and play
  • Descriptions of 3 levels of difficulty and additional variations for play
  • List of target skills
  • 21 activity playing cards
  • Blank templates to create your own 2, 3, 4 step direction cards

Friendly reminder to show professional courtesy and act ethically by not sharing this resource outside of your immediate students, children caseload, etc with anyone who has not purchased. We appreciate it!

Have fun and thank you for supporting Mission Cognition in our effort to help the learners we serve become more #SkilledSocially!



Example of side 1 of playing cards
Example 1 Side 2 of Playing Cards
Example 2 Side 2 of Playing cards


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