Name Card Flip Game: A Go with the Flow Activity




This lesson and activity guide targeting a reduction in “need for sameness” and other rigid / perfectionist behaviors resulting in problem behaviors during peer play is made up of 18 pages including the following:

  • Instructor’s Script
  • Structured Practice
  • Rule Cards
  • Visual supports for Active Student Responding
  • Goals
  • Data Collection templates
  • Task Analysis

We pride ourselves on utilizing only evidence-based practices and providing systematic & explicit social skills instruction. For that reason, all of our social skills lesson plans have been carefully structured to fit a Behavior Skills Training / Teaching Interaction Procedure framework.

It is advised that these lessons be implemented by providers with a strong background in behavior analysis to support the selection of goals, implementation of intervention and collection/analysis of data. Assessment should be done to identify individual behavioral excesses and deficits prior to selecting lessons to target those areas of need.

What these resources are: a compilation of lesson plans, data sheets, visual supports and other resources designed to supplement a larger more comprehensive intervention package targeting a wide range of play and social skills.

What these resources are not: A stand alone curriculum or assessment tool

Thanks for uniting with us to help our children & clients become more #skilledsocially!

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Ashley & Team MC

1 review for Name Card Flip Game: A Go with the Flow Activity

  1. jennifer

    What age group is this a target for?

    • missioncognitionshare

      Hi Jennifer,
      This is a Behavior Skills Training (BST) lesson so the instructional component is most appropriate for learners with typical or near typical language skills ages 4+. The actual activity however can be modified for learners who are non verbal or have emerging language. Pictures can also be used in place of text for non readers. This serves as framework for a variety of activities and as a result lends itself nicely to being used with a variety of age groups. You would just select accompanying materials suitable developmentally such as duplo blocks, legos, drawing, etc Hope that helps!

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