Learner Snapshot (excerpt from SS-GFA)



This one page snapshot is helpful for parents & therapists to use in an effort to support learners needs and prepare an environment most conducive to learning.

Parents, caregivers and anyone familiar with the individual’s areas of strength and need should be encouraged to contribute to the completion of this resource to provide the most comprehensive view of the learner as an individual.

The snapshot is an excerpt from Mission Cognition’s Social Skills Global Focus Area (ss-GFA) assessment package more specifically, it is a component within the indirect assessment portion of the package, linked to the parent/caregiver interview.

The SS-GFA is currently only available upon completion of a training in order to support treatment fidelity. The complete assessment is made available within the course and a hard copy manual may also be requested. For more info visit: https://www.mconlinelearning.com/courses/social-skills-global-focus-assessment-package-ss-gfa




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