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We’d all love for our children & students to love reading, right!? Storytime is part of most if not all daily routines in educational settings (as it should be) for preschool and elementary aged learners.

Cue the Reading Rainbow theme song here…

It’s never just a story, there is the potential to not only expose to, but facilitate, develop and emphasize a wide range of language, cognitive, social and academic targets.


So what’s stopping you from doing that?  Here are some common obstacles

  1. My children / learners are disengaged or disinterested during story time
  2. I struggle to identify what potential target skills are to expand upon or emphasize them while reading

Alternatively, you may just be stuck with lesson planning in general. Where do all the ideas come from, what themes can we target?  etc…

The solution to all, is the same. Make the story more interactive & engaging! Seems obvious, right. It is actually harder than it sounds and does take some practice to get in the groove and hit the stride the fits your learner’s just right.

Get started by downloading this Interactive Story Planner!

The graphic organizer supports parents, teachers, educators and therapists in developing a framework for how to re-conceptualize story time and formally identify ways to increase reciprocity in reading and having a good time while doing it through active student responding and play!

The planner is useful for story time audiences preschool – upper elementary school



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