Guess What I am! (Google Slides Activity)




Based on the popular games Hedbanz and 20 questions, players work to ask questions to gain information with  a goal of identifying what another player is thinking of.

In this version, there is a grid of 16 pictures representing different categories.

Players ask questions such as

Are you an animal?

Does it live on a farm?

Does it have 2 legs?

Facilitator or designated player can cross off images on grid as questions are answered, to narrow down the choices.

The player who is the one to think of an item should have it written down somewhere to reveal to participants and “prove their guess was correct”

This activity includes

12 slides with 16 images on each representing 5 primary categories and 10 subcategories

This activity lends itself well to 1:1 as well as group sessions focused on manding for information, negation, feature, function, classification & critical thinking skills


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