Follows Ups: A Question Asking Game (Google Slides Activity)




Have a population of clients / students who do a great job answering questions but really struggle to ask them. Asking questions (manding for information) helps learners to gain more independence by getting the information they need as well as be more effective overall communicators / conversationalists.

This activity includes:

  • A description of why we ask questions
  • List of questions words
  • 50 slides with vague statements

Each statement leaves out several pieces of information to contrive a situation for a learner to ask questions.

Slides are set up with a goal of generating 3 questions per statement.

This activity may be played in 1:1 sessions, group sessions, or even sent as homework.

For homework, instruct the learner to type in their sentences on the slides and submit.

When utilizing with a video conferencing platform, such as Zoom, with annotation capabilities, it’s helpful to type the questions on the screen as they are asked. If a prompt is required, you may choose to type just the first word or couple of words.


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