Cooperative Play Expansion: I Spy – Dig In – Find it Game


Why play by the rules when a little out of the box thinking and creative modifications can take your game play and social skills instruction to the next level!

Many games can be modified to go from competitive to cooperative just a few tweaks here and there. By making these changes, we can provide additional opportunities for learners to practice teamwork and a multitude of other skills.

Not to worry, we’ve done all the tweaking for you. All you need to do is purchase the I Spy – Find It- Dig In game which corresponds with this particular game play expansion pack.

This expansion pack includes:

  • 3 variations of play differentiated for different learner abilities & needs
  • QR code linking to video model play example
  • Job cards for advanced cooperative play
  • Text prompts to promote functional language during play

This resource is an E-download so you can have fun playing cooperatively within minutes!



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