“Answer & Tell More” Visual Supports for Learner & Data Collection Form



This lesson / skill target is most appropriate for learners who are older and not engaging in , or are engaging in very little spontaneous conversation beyond making some requests.

These learners need additional supports and strategies to be able to participate in conversation and specifically, add additional information to keep a conversation going after being asked a close ended question.

Many learners with autism and related disabilities will answer with yes/no and not add any additional details.explanatiosn which makes it challenging for the conversational partner to continue the interaction in a natural way without it either 1. sounding like an interview or 2. fizzling out.

We should be targeting spontaneous communication with our learners but also understand that we need to “meet them where they are” and that much of the interactions many of our kids have will be adult initiated and led.

By teaching the kids to 1. answer and 2. tell more we are providing a strategy to add more to a conversation leading to a more reciprocal exchange where new information can then be added by the conversational partner.

This packet includes:

  • 12 slides
  • Template for answering yes
  • Template for answering no
  • Graphic organizers for giving reasoning and examples
  • Graphic organizers for adding additional details to a response
  • Examples of when we might like/dislike something
  • Sample Questions
  • Sample Responses
  • Data Collection Tool

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