Webinar: “No Contact” Play & Social Skills Instruction


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Running play & social skills groups is what we do at Mission Cognition, so deciding to reopen after being legally allowed to do so in light of covid-19, was no easy decision!

We put numerous precautions and procedures in place before determining that we felt we could offer not only a safe & healthy learning environment, but one that remained focused on developing play & social skills.

Our new motto has become “Socially Connected while Physically Distanced”

The creation of individual activity kits paired with lesson plans to accompany each has made it possible to achieve our goal and reopen with confidence.

Join us on Friday, July 24 @ 12:30pm EST to learn more about:

  • Why individual activity kits are now so valuable to us
  • What to put in them
  • How to store and organize them
  • How to differentiate instruction for leveled learners
  • How to differentiate instruction to target:
    • Functional Play
    • Symbolic / Pretend Play
    • Associative Play
    • Cooperative Play
    • Competitive Play


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