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*****"Let's play has motivated and encouraged me to put more emphasis on play when working with the children. This webinar was filled with incredibly interesting, fun and very thought provoking information. It is my opinion that anyone working with children should take this online course. The lessons/ modules are the perfect size for someone who is tired after a long day. I find it really useful to take such a webinar with a co-worker in order to help each other to use what we learned in a fun way and keep each other on the right track. Excellent course!" Cathy W. 

***** "Great Course!" Christina S.

***** "Very Interesting!" Diana C.

***** "I really appreciated this e-course! I teach PreK Special Ed and this content is definitely helping me think about being specific in how to assess and teach play skills. Thanks so much!!" -Varya S. 

***** Excellent! - Deborah C.

***** "I really appreciate the videos. This course makes it easier to break down components of play and target specific skills. Thank you!!" - Varya S. 

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